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Colbert advertises with Trump slam: ‘So interesting!’

Stephen Colbert is putting Donald Trump’s slam against him in lights, advertising his show in Times Square with the former president’s dig.

The CBS “Late Show” host responded Tuesday to Trump calling him and other late-night TV personalities “creeps.”

In a post on Truth Social, the 45th president slammed the “creeps” and “losers” of late-night talk shows, which returned to the air this week following a months-long hiatus due to the Hollywood writers strike.

“Remember when I told you that the poorly rated and not at all funny Late Night Talk Shows are nothing less than a major Campaign Contribution to the Radical Left Democrat Party,” Trump said, without naming any specific hosts.

“Watch what is going on — so interesting!” added Trump, a frequent late-night TV critic.

“Thank you for watching, sir,” Colbert quipped on his show Tuesday.

“I know you meant that as an insult, but that really sounds like the kind of rave review you want to slap on a Times Square billboard,” Colbert, one of Trump’s fiercest late-night detractors, continued.

“So we did that,” he said, before showing an image outside CBS’s Times Square studios featuring an ad for “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” with Trump’s “Watch what is going on — so interesting!” quote in all-caps superimposed on it.

“Sir, thank you for the endorsement!” Colbert exclaimed.

“I hope you get a chance to check out the billboard on the way to your next court appearance,” he added.

Trump has been in New York this week for a civil fraud trial.

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