Most believe Biden was involved with son’s business dealings while vice president: poll

Most voters in a new poll believe President Biden was involved in his son’s business dealings while he was vice president. 

The CNN poll, released Thursday and conducted by SSRS, found that 61 percent of voters believed Biden has some involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings, including 42 percent saying he acted illegally and 29 percent who said it was unethical but not illegal.

Another 38 percent believe President Biden did not have any involvement. The poll also found that more than half of voters believe President Biden acted inappropriately over the investigation into alleged gun and tax crimes committed by his son, whose plea deal with prosecutors fell apart in July.

This poll was conducted before special counsel David Weiss revealed he will seek to indict Hunter Biden before the end of this month in a court filing updating the judge on his investigation into the president’s son’s failure to pay taxes.

Biden has denied any involvement in his son’s business dealings as House Republicans barrel toward a possible impeachment inquiry into the president over issues related to his family’s business dealings.

Views about whether President Biden was involved in his son’s business are divided among partisan lines. Just 28 percent of Democrats said he had some involvement, while 90 percent of Republicans said he had some involvement — including 76 percent who said it was illegal.

The poll was conducted by SSRS from Aug. 25-31 among 1,259 registered voters and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

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