Trump unveils endorsement seal to combat ‘scammers’

Former President Trump’s presidential campaign unveiled a new endorsement seal Friday aimed at stopping scammers who falsely claim an affiliation with Trump and his campaign while fundraising.

Trump’s campaign announced Friday it would grant a “Seal of Approval” to a group of candidates and committees that the president endorses or supports. The gold seal, which reads “Official Team Trump,” is intended to distinguish between “authorized uses of his name and likeness and unauthorized uses,” the campaign said. 

The campaign said the seal will protect Trump’s donors and supports from “illegitimate organizations” that claim to be affiliated with Trump and his campaign. 

“Unfortunately, some candidates, PACs, and their fundraising vendors have drained millions of dollars from President Trump’s donors by falsely claiming that they support President Trump, that the President supports them, and that the funds received in response to the solicitations will support, help, or defend President Trump,” read a statement from Trump’s campaign.

The former president’s campaign said candidates and committees who are given the seal are “permitted” and “allowed” to use the seal on social media, merchandise or in paid advertisements. 

“The Seal will be a powerful signal to President Trump’s loyal donors that the sender is on Team Trump and is not a scammer,” the campaign’s statement wrote. 

The seal is a “revocable, non-exclusive license,” and the digital art file with the seal is non-transferable, according to the campaign. The campaign warned those who use the seal without approval may face legal action.

The campaign advised donors to visit its website to see an updated list of candidates and committees Trump has endorsed or supported before responding to fundraising solicitations. 

The announcement comes after the Trump campaign warned multiple GOP groups in March against using the former president’s name, image and likeness in their fundraising messages. In a letter obtained by Politico, Trump campaign officials claimed the groups’ fundraising messages make it appear as though the funds will go toward the former president’s campaign.

The Hill reached out to Trump’s campaign for further comment.

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