Sununu: GOP trying to save the country while Trump only saving himself 

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) praised moderators for waiting until halfway through the first GOP primary debate to ask about the legal obstacles that former President Trump faces, saying Republicans are focused on the future of the country, not on Trump. 

“Republicans are trying to save the country. Donald Trump is trying to save himself,” Sununu said in an interview on “Inside with Jen Psaki,” slated to air on MSNBC on Sunday.

“So, when it comes to a debate, we don’t want to just, kind of, be rehashing yesterday’s news. We want to be forward, we want to be about 2024. We want to be about what we can bring to the table with the economy and securing the border and energy independence and all these sorts of things,” Sununu told Psaki. “So, huge opportunity there, and they grabbed onto it. They didn’t fall for the trap, so to say, of talking about the big guy.”

Sununu, a moderate Republican who has at times been critical of the former president, said he was excited watching the GOP debate this past Wednesday and predicted one of the candidates on stage had potential to win the election.

He said supporting Trump all but guarantees Democrats’ victory in 2024. 

Asked about some of the remarks from entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who claimed that climate change was a “hoax” on the debate stage, Sununu said, “There’s no doubt he took some positions that for me, personally, are a challenge,” adding, “Do they connect with the Republican base? I don’t know.” 

“I can tell you all those candidates could win in November of ‘24. And that’s exciting. Donald Trump can’t win in November of ‘24. The math doesn’t work out. If you’re supporting Donald Trump today, you’re effectively handing it to Kamala Harris, potentially, down the road. So, I think the opportunity is a new face, fresh ideas. But I think Vivek, Haley, Pence, DeSantis, they all did very, very well,” he said. 

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