Christie says Trump as 2024 GOP nominee means 4 more years of Biden

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie assessed Sunday that if former President Trump is the Republican nominee, President Biden will win the general election and another four years in the White House in 2024.

“I think what [Trump as the Republican nominee] means for folks across the country is four more years of Joe Biden,” Christie said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.” “And for Republican primary voters, they have to think about what that will mean — potentially a packed Supreme Court, potentially the elimination of the filibuster, and a lot more.” 

In 2021, Biden created a commission to examine reforming the Supreme Court, which could involve looking at the size of the court. Biden has suggested carve-outs to eliminate the Senate filibuster for issues like abortion and voting rights but has acknowledged that Democrats don’t have the votes to eliminate the 60-vote threshold completely.

Christie said the Republican GOP primary voters need to nominate a candidate “who has proven that they can beat Democratic incumbents.”

“I was the only one on that stage that has ever done that,” Christie said. “And I’ll beat Joe Biden, if I get the nomination.” 

Christie said it was  “amazing” that most of his GOP rivals said during last week’s debate they would support Trump as the eventual nominee, even if the former president were convicted on criminal charges. Christie and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson were the only two of the eight GOP rivals on the debate stage last week who did not raise their hands when asked if they would still back Trump as their party’s nominee if he were convicted. 

“It was really the most amazing part of the debate to me, was the idea that you know, the majority of my competitors believe that you can have a convicted felon as our nominee for president and that they’d support that and that he could win,” Christie said. “I think that’s an impossibility.” 

Christie defended his answer during the debate, prompting boos from the audience. He later dismissed the boos, saying “not every Republican primary voter” was at the debate.

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