Christie knocks Ramaswamy as ‘worst of what politicians are characterized to be’ 

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie knocked GOP rival Vivek Ramaswamy on Sunday, calling him the “worst of what politicians are characterized to be.” 

“He [Ramaswamy] stood up there and said he’s not a politician,” Christie said Sunday in an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “He looks to me to be the worst of what politicians are characterized to be — someone who says one thing, does another, and then when you call them, like I did on the negative things he said about Donald Trump on Jan. 6, in his book, he didn’t say it.” 

Christie was referencing a comment he made during last week’s GOP debate about Ramaswamy regarding his book, in which Christie claimed Ramaswamy “had much different things to say” about former President Trump than on the debate stage.

“If you believe Donald Trump was the greatest president of the 21th century, which is what Vivek said on the stage, then what the hell are you doing running against him?” Christie said. “The fact is that Vivek says one thing, does another.”

Ramaswamy was the target of several candidates’ attacks, including Christie’s notable jab when he interrupted Ramaswamy’s claims on climate change to say he’s “had enough already tonight of a guy who sounds like ChatGPT.” Christie then compared Ramaswamy’s opening line to former President Obama, whom he called an amateur. 

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