Ohio school board member does Nazi salute during contentious meeting

A school board member in Ohio did the Nazi salute to the board’s president, who later resigned, during a contentious Tuesday meeting. 

Tipp City Schools board member Anne Zakkour said, “Oh … Sieg Heil,” before doing the Nazi salute to the group’s head, Simon Patry, during a meeting about transparency in school projects. 

Zakkour had tried interrupting Patry during his remarks before Patry told her she was not allowed to speak, leading to her using the Nazi salute.

“We have been talking … to the community, to the board, there’s been regular reports … I’m talking, do not interrupt me, do not make any noises or else I will … I will not tolerate it,” Patry said to Zakkour.

In a statement to Crisis in the Classroom, the education franchise for Dayton 24/7, Zakkour said the salute was a sarcastic gesture because of how controlling Patry had been at meetings. 

“Mr. Patry has been acting like a dictator on our board for years and last night I had enough of his demands of total obedience,” she said. “My reaction last night was symbolic and a sarcastic gesture of submission to a board officer acting as a dictator. Enough is enough!”

Patry ended up resigning at the end of the meeting, saying he would like the vice president to take on his role.

The Hill has reached out to Zakkour and current board president Amber Drum for comment. 

The incident is the latest example of how controversial school board meetings have gotten since the pandemic as issues of transparency and curriculum have caused many meetings around the country to bubble over in fury.

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