Jim Jordan seeks docs from Jack Smith’s dealings with attorney in Trump classified records fight

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Thursday asked special counsel Jack Smith to turn over information relating to attorney Stanley Woodward, who has represented numerous Mar-a-Lago employees in dealings with prosecutors.

Woodward is in the midst of a battle with the Justice Department as it seeks a so-called Garcia hearing to review potential conflicts as Woodward represents Walt Nauta, former President Trump’s co-defendant in the classified records case.

The letter comes the day after Woodward noted in court filings that another prior client, Mar-a-Lago IT worker Yuscil Taveras, has signed a cooperation agreement with prosecutors.

Taveras flipped in the case after a Garcia hearing prompted a chance for him to speak with outside counsel, a public defender, after prosecutors raised concerns that he was representing clients whose interests were at odds.

In doing so, Taveras appears to have avoided perjury charges for statements he made under oath.

His testimony also led to a superseding indictment of Trump, Nauta and a third co-defendant, Carlos de Oliveira, alleging they attempted to delete Mar-a-Lago security camera footage showing them moving boxes.

Woodward railed against prosecutors in a late Tuesday filing, complaining the cooperation agreement was only offered to Taveras once he spoke with outside counsel.

The letter from Jordan is one of several he’s sent to various prosecutors pursuing cases against Trump.  

Earlier Thursday, Jordan was reprimanded by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) for interfering with ongoing investigations and prosecutions.

“Your attempt to invoke congressional authority to intrude upon and interfere with an active criminal case in Georgia is flagrantly at odds with the Constitution,” she wrote.

“There is absolutely no support for Congress purporting to second guess or somehow supervise an ongoing Georgia criminal investigation and prosecution.” 

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