MTG and Ken Buck feud over treatment of Jan. 6 defendants

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) shot back at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) after the congresswoman attacked Buck over his response to a letter about alleged poor jail conditions for Jan. 6 defendants that she called “factually wrong and completely out of touch.”

“When you’ve got people that care more about their social media accounts then about the Constitution, you have a real problem in Congress,” Buck said in a radio interview Thursday.

On Tuesday, Greene said she was “appalled” by Buck’s response to the letter, which she claims shows that he believes the Jan. 6 defendants held in the D.C. Jail are being treated fairly.

“Ken Buck’s letter to Mr. Watkins of the El Paso County GOP appeared to show full support of Biden’s Weaponized Government and a total disconnect from the cruel reality of J6 defendants and the American people,” she said.

Greene has visited the jail multiple times and repeatedly said the Jan. 6 defendants’ conditions are poor and illegal.

In the Thursday interview, Buck called out Greene for not having the legal expertise to make such claims.

“When I was teaching law school, I learned and taught certain constitutional principles. When Marjorie Taylor Green was teaching CrossFit, she learned a whole different set of values, evidently,” he said. 

“Because my idea of what this country should be like is based on the Constitution. And she sees the world differently,” Buck added.

In her attacks, Greene questioned Buck’s support of important party issues, claiming that he did not support former President Trump because Buck voted to certify the 2020 elections and that he has not supported an impeachment inquiry for President Biden.

Buck said that the Constitution requires Congress to certify the election votes, and that Greene’s attempts to impeach Biden are merely a “political exercise.”

He is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, a right-wing group of which Greene was a prominent member until she was forced out in July. She has since sworn off the group.

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