These Are The 4 Things US Workers Want In 2023

Do American workers really know what they want? And do their employers even care?

The answer to both questions is a resounding yes, according to an important new report by Workday, the US-based financial and HR management software firm.

Since the global pandemic and headcount reduction that followed in 2022, companies have been shifting their hiring dynamics into a new gear, pulling their focus away from obsessional growth and towards the practice of attracting the best quality candidates.

It’s clearer than ever that good people are the path to efficiency. This means that when employees talk, firms now know they have to listen.

And what US workers are saying about what they want from their workplace is pretty interesting. The survey returned four key tenets workers would like to see their bosses focus on.

1.   Wellbeing matters

First up: health and well-being. It’s no surprise that retained workers are aware they’re carrying a greater workload in the aftermath of mass layoffs and are keener than ever to avoid burnout. Employees want management to keep as tight an eye on worker welfare as it does on productivity gains by a reduced workforce.

2.   Hybrid work is just work

Next on the list for US workers is hybrid working. The pandemic taught workers that hybrid work is just work: 87% report that they feel productive in a hybrid work situation. Meanwhile, roughly the same amount of business leaders report feeling a loss of confidence in how well or how hard their teams are working.

The message from workers to their bosses is clear: stop with the productivity paranoia, already. Employees thrive under management that focuses on measured outcomes rather than hours spent in the office.

3.   Individual growth for the greater good

Growth and recognition is the third major engagement factor for valuable employees. Even in a competitive jobs market, the most skilled staff need incentives to stay, and research shows that they value opportunities for growth and development. This isn’t just about promotions: great people are interested in upskilling for lateral internal mobility too.

4.   Sharing the game plan

Finally, workers are keen to align with firms that offer strategy communication. When an organization’s management team is clear and transparent about a person’s role in the bigger picture, as well as the plan for that big picture, workers get a sense of purpose that safeguards their personal wellbeing. Knowing a path forward and areas for development alleviates stress about the future and reduces self-doubt.

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