Former Russian president says Hamas attacks ‘come as an expected development’

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Hamas’ widespread attacks on Israel Saturday “come as an expected development,” using the opportunity to denounce U.S. influence in the Middle East and in Ukraine.

The Palestinian militant group launched the largest attack on Israel in decades early Saturday, invading multiple Israeli towns and launching missiles into the country.

The Palestinian government claimed that about 200 people have died, while the Israeli government said there have been about 40 deaths.

“Clashes between Hamas and Israel on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War come as an expected development,” Medvedev said on X, formerly Twitter. “This is what Washington and its allies should be busy with. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for decades, with the US the key player in it.”

Medvedev served as both president and prime minister of Russia alongside current President Vladimir Putin. He is now the deputy chairman of the country’s Security Council.

“But instead of actively working at Palestinian-Israeli settlement, these morons have interfered with us, and are providing the neo-Nazis with full-scale aid, pitting the two closely related peoples against each other,” he continued. “What can stop America’s manic obsession to incite conflicts all over the planet?”

Governments in Europe and the U.S. have pledged to support Israel amid rising violence, while nations in the Middle East have mostly condemned Israel for its role in the ongoing conflict with Palestine.

“The U.S. unequivocally condemns the unprovoked attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians,” said Adrienne Watson, spokeswoman for the U.S. National Security Council. “We stand firmly with the government and people of Israel and extend our condolences for the Israeli lives lost in these attacks.”

Medvedev’s comments on Ukraine come as support for arming the country against Russian invasion falters. The House GOP has moved to cut funding for Ukraine aid, sparking a debate on the issue in Congress, while the Biden administration has committed to continuing support.

Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive has underperformed and disappointed Western allies, as Russian forces maintain control over much of the country’s east and south. Pressure is mounting as winter weather threatens to derail the conflict.

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