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Cohen claims Navarro failed to consider consequences before joining ‘cult of Trump’

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen on Wednesday said Peter Navarro failed to consider the consequences before joining the “cult of Trump” as the former adviser faces trial for contempt of Congress charges.

“I mean, the extent of the damage that Donald Trump causes for those people who get caught up like myself in this cult of Trump — this dumpster cult — it’s so far-reaching that Peter Navarro has not yet even contemplated the full extent of it,” Cohen told host Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

Cohen, who served as former President Trump’s personal fixer, said that he has “no idea” why Navarro showed contempt to the court or to Congress, adding that it is “so stupid.”

He added that Navarro should have realized earlier on that Trump “doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than himself.”

“Show up, do what you’re required to do and plead the fifth is right,” he said. “Instead, he failed to comply, and now he’s going to suffer the repercussions, and he has no clue on the extent of the repercussions that he’s now going to be confronted with.”

Cohen also discussed how many individuals connected with Trump are now facing legal battles and financial trouble as they head to court. He said the former president is choosing not to pay the legal fees of his former allies because he lacks the money for it and that he is “selfish.”

“Look at how many different people have now ended up going away, really at the direction of, in concert with and for the benefit of Donald J. Trump, and he doesn’t pay legal fees,” he said. “In fact, Peter should have seen this as well.”

Cohen has previously called Trump an “idiot” for not paying his alleged co-conspirators’ legal bills in the Georgia election interference case — including another one of Trump’s former attorneys, Rudy Giuliani, who he said wouldn’t receive “2 cents” from the former president.

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