Supers: Sen. Chuck Schumer/D-NY - :20 Rep. Byron Donalds/R-FL - :34 Sen. Mitch McConnell/R-KY - :58 Rep. Mike Johnson/R-LA - 1:12 TRT - 1:28 ANCHOR: WASHINGTON IS STARING DOWN A PARTIAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN FRIDAY IF CONGRESS DOESN’T ACT…WITH A FULL SHUTDOWN FOLLOWING A WEEK LATER. WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT TREVOR SHIRLEY IS LIVE IN DC WITH MORE…TREVOR. (ON CAM) TODAY TOP CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS HEAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE FOR A MEETING WITH PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN…HOPING TO WORK OUT A DEAL THAT AVOIDS A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. (TAKE PKG) President Joe Biden Congress has the responsibility to fund the government. We got to get about doing that. A shutdown would damage the economy significantly and we all agree to that and we need bipartisan solutions. FACING THE FIRST STAGES OF A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN IN JUST THREE DAYS…CONGRESS’S TOP LEADERS HOPE TO HAMMER OUT A FUNDING DEAL SOON. Sen. Chuck Schumer/D-NY We’re making good progress and we’re hopeful we can get this done quickly. ONE HURDLE REMAINS A BLOC OF HARD-RIGHT HOUSE REPUBLICANS…THREATENING TO TANK ANY EFFORT TO AVOID A SHUTDOWN IF THE SOUTHERN BORDER ISN’T ADDRESSED FIRST. Rep. Byron Donalds/R-FL My position to my colleagues on Capitol Hill is clear - you either secure the border or you get no money for the government. CAUGHT BETWEEN THOSE REPUBLICANS AND THE SPECTER OF A SHUTTERED GOVERNMENT—HOUSE SPEAKER MIKE JOHNSON. DON’T FORGET…IT WAS HARD RIGHT REPUBLICANS THAT OUSTED FORMER SPEAKER KEVIN MCCARTHY FROM THE SPEAKERSHIP LAST YEAR…AFTER HE BROKERED A DEAL WITH DEMOCRATS KEEPING THE GOVERNMENT OPEN. Sen. Mitch McConnell/R-KY The task at hand will require everyone rows in the same direction. BUT WHAT THAT DIRECTION WILL BE REMAINS UNCLEAR…ESPECIALLY IF SPEAKER JOHNSON CAN’T WRANGLE ENOUGH OF HIS MEMBERS ON BOARD WITH KEEPING THE GOVERNMENT OPEN. Rep. Mike Johnson/R-LA My purpose was to express what I believe is the obvious truth and that is that we must take care of America's needs first. When you talk about America's needs, you have to talk first about our open border.//We believe we can get to agreement on these issues and prevent a government shutdown. (ON CAM) WE’LL KNOW LATER TODAY WHEN A VOTE COULD HAPPEN…IF AT ALL.