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LAKEN RILEY RALLY PKG_BriSmith_WJBFdfa3_456.mp4[TAKE PKG] \\LOWER 3RD_:DEFAULT joseph wargo athens OFF \\LOWER 3RD_:DEFAULT Joe Edelmon Chairman, Col. Co. Republican Party OFF \\LOWER 3RD_:DEFAULT cj pearson (R) GA house district 125 candidate OFF \\LOWER 3RD_:DEFAULT daniel dewitt athens OFFJoseph Wargo/ Athens "If we don't do something now, it's not just gonna be Laken Riley, it's gonna be my sister, it's gonna be your sister. It's gonna be any other student…" "She should still be here today…" Bria: Following Riley's death, the Columbia County GOP Headquarters held a rally in her honor. Joe Edelmon/ Chairman, Col. Co. Republican Party "Any one of our daughters could have been Laken, any one of our daughters. So, what can we do in the state to secure our borders, let's talk about that for a moment." CJ Pearson/ Georgia House District 125 Candidate "Sanctuary cities have no place in the state of Georgia, and we should do all that we can to ensure that they are banned fully and completely , and that is something that we can do in the state legislature. Make it clear that there will be no sanctuary for illegal aliens anywhere within our borders." Bria: Daniel Dewitt made the trip from Athens to Columbia County. He tells me it takes everyone's voice. Daniel Dewitt/Athens "We need to be called the United States of America, not the divided states of America. We need to go above just the bare minimum, we need to do everything out there to protect our communities, and our citizens and if it's anybody like the mayor of Athens, who's doing the bare minimum to get away with things, it's not right…" Daniel Dewitt/ Athens "If I have to sit in that courtroom or stand outside that courtroom every day when that trial starts, to make sure they know her name, I will. Because it really hurts especially because it's in my back community, you know, back door." CJ Pearson/ Georgia House District 125 Candidate "And you'll do all that we can to ensure that the invasion ends today." Bria: In Columbia County, Bria Smith, WJBF NewsChannel 6.