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AL FROZEN EMBRYO RULING-PKG_ALHUNOF1LPT489_KaySmith_20240220_174427.mxf 110 PKG - Ross Video - Audio AFV: Default 5-18:Lower 3rd:ALABAMA FERTILITY INDUSTRY FACES UNCERTAIN FUTURE NEWS 19 NOW No 26-36:Lower 3rd:Dr. Brett Davenport Fertility Institute of North Alabama Medical Director ... 1:21 - 1:29:Lower 3rd:Barbara Collura RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association Presi ...[TAKE PKG DURATION:1:45] {***PKG***} Dr. Brett Davenport, Fertility Institute of North Alabama Medical Director: "It was shocking and I knew immediately what the implications of that were." DR. BRETT DAVENPORT IS A REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY AND INFERTILITY SPECIALIST OFFERING CARE TO NORTH ALABAMA PATIENTS. HE SAYS HE WORKS IN A FIELD THAT SEEKS TO PROTECT LIFE AND UNDERSTANDS WHY THIS DECISION WAS MADE. IN ITS OPINION THE SUPREME COURT SAID ALABAMA'S WRONGFUL DEATH OF A MINOR LAW -- APPLIED TO ALL UNBORN CHILDREN -- REGARDLESS OF THEIR LOCATION. "Where I think they might not have done due diligence is seeking expert opinion in understanding the ins and outs of the laws that they're creating." THE COURT'S OPINION CITED ALABAMA'S ABORTION BAN -- STRESSING THAT THE STATE HAD CHOSEN TO PROTECT UNBORN CHILDREN - AND SAID THIS DECISION WAS CONSISTENT WITH THE ALABAMA CONSTITUTION. "I think my mind is still wrapping around all of the implications of this and is also wrapping around the risk that you know our clinic is willing to take you know should this not get overturned in a speedy fashion." BARBARA COLLURA -- THE PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL INFERTILITY ASSOCIATION -- SAYS THE COURT'S DECISION CALLS INTO QUESTION THE LEGALITY OF MANY OF THE STEPS CRUCIAL TO THE I-V-F PROCESS. "If this fertilized egg is now a child can we freeze them?" (BUTTED) "Who is potentially criminally liable? Is it the people who created those embryos. Maybe it's the embrologist or maybe it's someone in the fertility clinic. We simply don't know." THE EXPERTS POINT OUT ONE MORE COMPLICATION TO CONSIDER: THE MAJORITY OF THE EMBRYOS CREATED WILL NOT RESULT IN A CHILD. Davenport: "You can start putting blame as to why, when and where or you can rejoice with the 25% and rejoice with the couple who now has the child they never would have had."