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TRT: 1:24 Jessi Turnure/Washington Correspondent 33-39 <ANCHOR INTRO> This time it was no secret... Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made sure the president, Pentagon, Congress and the public knew he was back in the hospital. Austin has once again transferred his powers to his deputy while he gets treatment for a bladder issue. Washington Correspondent Jessi Turnure has the latest on his health and its impact on U.S. defense in these unsettled times. <PKG> This is Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's second trip to the ICU... since undergoing surgery for prostate cancer in December. <Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder/Pentagon Press Secretary> "He's in good condition, according to his doctors." The Pentagon confirms Austin remains hospitalized Monday. <Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder/Pentagon Press Secretary> "His current bladder issue is not anticipated to change his expected full recovery from cancer." Pentagon Press Secretary... Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder... says Austin once again transferred his official powers to his deputy. <Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder/Pentagon Press Secretary> "Deputy Secretary Hicks continues to retain the functions and duties of the secretary of Defense at this time." <Jessi Turnure/Washington Correspondent> Austin's doctors say he should be able to resume his normal duties Tuesday... although likely from the hospital... or from home. <Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder/Pentagon Press Secretary> "Secretary Austin will no longer travel to Brussels this week as originally scheduled." Austin has been under fire...for keeping his cancer diagnosis and initial hospitalization a secret from President Biden, the Pentagon and Congress. Ryder says Austin made sure everyone knew this time. <Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder/Pentagon Press Secretary> "We will continue to keep you updated with as much information as possible regarding the secretary and his health status and be as transparent as we can." National Security Communications Adviser... John Kirby... says the president and Austin have not spoken... <Ed O'Keefe/CBS Journalist> "Does the president have any concerns that with his medical problems the secretary can no longer serve?" <John Kirby/White House National Security Communications Adviser> "Not at all." The Pentagon and an inspector general are still investigating how Austin handled the news of his cancer treatment. In Washington I'm Jessi Turnure.